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means lawful or permitted and “Non halal ” means prohibited as per the Islamic Law (Shariah).​

Halal products are considered to be halal when they are made of :

1. Animals slaughtered as per the Islamic principles
2. Free from prohibited component ​
3. P​rocessed using ​ allowed machinery

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The mark approved by the Authority and which should be granted for the product, services or products systems meeting the requirements of these Regulations.


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Accreditation from the Halal providers

The license to use Halal National Mark

​​Issuance of certificate to use Halal National Mark to be placed on the products or services or facilities conforming to the requirements of the UAE System for the Control of Halal Products. ​

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Accreditation from the Halal providers

Registration for Halal certification bodies

​A service where ESMA grants approval against the fulfillment of the requirements of registration certification bodies for Halal products

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Accreditation from the Halal providers

Issuance Registration Certificate for Slaughterhouse (Abattoirs)

​Issuance of certificate to slaughter house conforming that it is complying with the requirements of the Slaughterhouses (Abattoirs) Registration Procedures.

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